Welcome to my site.  As you already know my name is Lisa Cripps. I am a Canadian Artist, born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. Being the daughter of Dr. Dinshaw Mehta, a Parsi from India and Sarah (Sally) Ethel Mackay from Charteris, Quebec, Canada taught me that I could achieve my dreams with hard work and desire.  Being the youngest of three children I learnt a lot from my brother Dr. Michael D. Mehta and my sister Tammy Vieira.  The three of us have always been close and supportive to one another and being the youngest was a blessing. I am proud of them both.

Like many artists, I am searching for the “way,” which is ever-changing, and ever-adapting. As a result, my artistic thoughts and vision have to adapt and change as well. I have learned to set goals for myself which are attainable instead of unreachable. We would all love to be Monet or Matisse but one does not get there overnight, so I take delight in the path I have set for myself, one I hope leads to bigger and better places.

Painting for me is visual poetry. It expresses what is in my soul. My artwork is a continuance of my creative life’s journey as I pursue an evolutionary life path. As I evolve, so does my art. I paint with acrylics, using bold brush strokes, palette knives, and vivid colours. There are several layers of glazes separated by mediums to enhance the perception of depth in the paintings. I also paint using oils but usually that is for my landscapes where I can blend and add the soft touches I require. My abstract art all comes intuitively. I am inspired by things I love. Lastly, all of the abstracts are contained in the beholders of these interests — people — their emotions, shapes, gestures, and expressions. 

I am a self-taught artist, and learn more techniques with every passing year. I love to paint landscapes, nudes, flowers, street scenes, seascapes, pastoral and abstract art. It’s a matter of both left brain and right brain being in perfect balance that makes me complete and I paint how I feel.  I do not stay within the same genre as I find that I like to be eclectic and paint by emotion and not always structure.  I plan on having a lot more work posted in the next few months.